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Since 1925

From our counter to your home, we’re more than just local meat experts—we're your family’s neighborhood butcher helping to create delicious memories, one meal at a time.

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12,000+ years

of meat cutting experience amongst our associates

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99 years

in the meat cutting business

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“Meat” the butchers

Your neighborhood meat experts since 1925! Our butchers bring years of experience to help you select the best cuts for your needs, taste and budget—offering tips and advice along the way.


Valdosta, GA

As an avid home cook and a Winn-Dixie butcher, Marcus loves helping customers find the right meat for the meals they have in mind.


Lakeland, FL

You’ll never catch Charmin behind the counter without a smile on her face. Priding herself on providing exceptional customer service, she loves interacting with and creating the best experience she can for all her customers.


Tampa, FL

Happy to offer up a recommendation, Todd makes sure everyone who leaves his store has the cuts and knowledge they need to make a great meal, so they are excited to come back and shop for his meats again.

Tips from the meat experts

If you’re looking for some bang for your buck , I suggest a Top Round Steak and recommend braising it for the best results. If you’re looking to learn how to cook beef, Top Sirloins and Rump Roasts cook fast and easy.


Port Charlotte, FL

The more marbling in the meat, the more tender and flavorful it will be. And if you’re looking for an additional punch of flavor, cuts with the bone still in provide a little extra oomph!


Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you’re looking for a perfect and simple seasoning solution for any piece of meat you purchase, I recommend the SEG Hamburger seasoning.


Perry, FL

Hellooo, custom cuts

Winn-Dixie’s meat experts have cuts for every budget and variety for every event, all ground, hand-cut and hand-packed right in store.

Recipes that sizzzzzle


New York strip steak frites with tarragon-pepper mayo

Ready in : 44 minutes.

This is a classic French bistro dish that’s easy to whip up in your own kitchen.

View recipe ❯

Pork tenderloin & veggie kabobs

Ready in : 38 minutes.

These tasty pork tenderloin and veggie kabobs make a delicious addition to your next party, event or weeknight meal.

View recipe ❯

Meat FAQs

  • Press the service call button near the fresh meat case to alert the Butcher!
    Butchers are usually in the cutting room slicing up fresh cuts so it may take a minute to get to you, but they're happy to help!
    If you can’t find your Winn-Dixie’s service call button, ask for help at the customer service desk and they'll get you the assistance you need.

  • All of our recipes can be found at -- you can sort through the recipes we have by type of meat, what sort of meal you are looking to cook, etc. With over 150 recipes and counting, there’s something for everyone!

  • You can certainly request a custom cut if the portion in the case doesn't suite your needs. Please talk with the Butcher about special requests and orders, they are meat geniuses.

  • You can get the sales price on all the items in our stores by signing up for the Winn-Dixie rewards program. As a rewards member, you get access to all the special pricing across the store, including those juicy deals in our meat department. You also earn points on every purchase, which you can use to save money on groceries, get personalized offers and much more!

  • We are sorry you didn’t like the cut you were suggested! Please reach out to our Customer Care Center at 844-745-0463 they will be able to make things right!

  • We recommend you check the “Sell By” date on the package of meat when you purchase. If you do not plan on cooking the meat before that date, you should freeze it right away. When storing meat in the freezer, you can put the entire package in the freezer and if you’re worried about the packaging being damaged in your freezer, you can place the entire package in a freezer safe bag.

  • Frozen meat should be slowly thawed out in your refrigerator over time. Most microwaves offer a defrost cycle. Microwaves that ask for the weight of the meat when defrosting are great, but for those that don’t have this feature, we would recommend using the defrost feature in one minute increments, checking to make sure you are just defrosting your meat and not starting the cooking process.

  • At Winn-Dixie we’ve been cutting meat fresh for our customers for nearly 100 years. Currently, we have over 12,000 years of experience in our meat departments across our stores. Our butchers are experts because they know meat – how to cut it, how to properly take care of it, how to cook it and much more. You can trust our butchers to steer you in the right direction.

  • Deals can be found easily in our Winn-Dixie app, in the circular at the front of our stores and along the shelves in the meat department with our tags. You can also always consult one of our butchers to see what’s on special, and even get custom cuts or sizes so you can get exactly what you’re looking for!

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