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Well hello, Winn-Dixie! Take a Fresh look at Winn-Dixie, from the food we bring you to the store you shop in. Save more at Winn-Dixie with our Winning deals & our totally rewarding rewards program. Winn more at Winn-Dixie with those little Winns that make everyday life a little easier. Refreshing stores, Winning savings. Winn-Dixie, it's a Winn Win!

Winn with freshness

Have you checked out your local store lately? Our Deli, Bakery, Meat and Seafood Departments have all your freshest faves.
PLUS, over 70% of Winn-Dixie locations have been refreshed, with the rest on the way by 2023. So, check out your local Winn-Dixie, chances are you’ll be Winning in no time!

Winn with savings

Maximize your savings with our Winning Deals, Digital Coupons and huge selection of our exclusive SE Grocers brand.

BOGO - Buy one get one free

100s of Buy One Get Ones every day

Winn big with BOGOs on food and household items.

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Phone screen showing Winn-Dixie mobile app

Clip over $300 in savings every month

Activate Digital Coupons online and in the app. Use your rewards account at checkout to cash-in on instant savings!

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SE Grocers products

When you see SE you know you’re Winning!

Save 20% when you choose SE Grocers in every aisle. Enjoy better or the same quality as national brands. Don’t believe it? Try it, love it or your money back!

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Winn with rewards

Make the most of Winn-Dixie rewards with the app! Score exclusive savings, earn points toward FREE groceries on every purchase and fast-track those points with multiplier & offers.

Points multiplier bug on a blue background

Multiply the points you earn for cash back on your groceries

Earn FREE groceries faster with points multiplier. Check the app to see if you scored one.

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Deal of the week

The fastest way to rack up huge points on just 1 item

Check the app for this week’s deal.

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Illustration of a phone with dollar signs. On a yellow and blue background.

Get a quick bonus points boost with rewards Offers

Check the app for your available offers and rack up points super quick. Get ‘em while they’re hot! These offers don’t wait around forever.

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Join rewards today and get $5 off!

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Front doorstep showing a Winn-Dixie grocery paper bag filled with groceries

Shop with us online

Groceries at the tap of a button?
Now that’s a winn win. Shop with us online today!

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Meet the Winn Win Twinns

The ultimate super-fans of Winn-Dixie

The Winn Win Twinns are identical twins who are quality aficionados and true champions at Winning!

To the Twinns, Winn-Dixie is their kingdom, their arena. It’s hallowed ground and it’s where they come to Winn. They explore each department and aisle, in search of new flavors, products and all the different ways they can Winn!

These two guys are Winn-Dixie super-fans and absolute masters at Winning. They live to shop and Winn… and they want you to Winn too!

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