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    What are fuelperks!?

    fuelperks!® are cents-off/gallon discounts that you earn by making purchases at participating fuelperks! program retail locations. For every $50 you spend at a participating retailer location, you will save $.05 per gallon for up to 20 gallons of gasoline at participating gas stations.

    How does the fuelperks! program work?

    By making purchases at participating retailers, which add up over multiple visits, you earn cents/gallon discounts that are redeemable at participating fuel locations. The discounts are redeemed by inserting your fuelperks! card in the dispenser at participating fuel sites or by presenting your fuelperks! card to the cashier at the fuel station.

    Is there a limit to the amount of discounts I can redeem in any single fuel purchase?

    No. You may redeem all of the available discounts that you have earned, up to the retail price of fuel. Note that fuelperks! Rewards are valid for up to 20 gallons of gasoline and, for safety reasons, may only be used while fueling a single vehicle.

    Seriously. What's the catch?

    There is no catch. Participating retailers will give you fuelperks! rewards so that you will shop more at their stores. It's good for you and good for them.

    Where can I redeem my fuelperks!?

    You can redeem your fuelperks! at participating Shell and other select fuel stations. Look for "fuelperks!" signs or visit to locate participating fuel stations.

    I went to the gas station and my card did not work.

    The CRC may be damaged or demagnetized. Please call the Customer Support center to verify rewards are on the card. If so, a new CRC will be necessary.

    I went to the gas station and slid my card and got an error message. I went inside and the station attendant scanned my card again and said that I have no rewards.

    If a card is scanned more than once in a short period of time, it will lock the rewards. You may call the Customer Support Center to have them unlocked, or they will unlock automatically after 15 minutes.

    What if my fuelperks! are more than the price of fuel?

    If you've earned fuelperks! worth more than the current price per gallon of fuel, your remaining fuelperks! will be saved for a future visit. For example, if you have $4.00 per gallon in fuelperks!, and fuel is $3.50 per gallon, the remaining $.50 per gallon will remain in your account. Please note that depending on the type of fuel equipment, there may be a minimum charge per gallon of fuel purchased ranging from .019 to .119 cents per gallon.

    What if I lose my Reward Card and had already earned fuelperks!?

    Visit your store to obtain a new card and activate the card by scanning it in a transaction. A Customer Support Center representative can then help you move fuelperks! from the lost card to your new card by calling 1-866-WINNDIXIE (1-866-946-6349).

    How do I keep track of my fuelperks! Rewards?

    We keep track for you. The fuelperks! that you earn in each transaction, that you have earned to date, and that are about to expire, will be printed on your receipt tape each time you shop. You can also register your card at to see your fuelperks! balance.

    What if I spend more than $50 at Winn-Dixie?

    Any amount you spend over $50 remains in your account, good toward your next $50 threshold.

    What if I don't reach $50 on my trip to Winn-Dixie?

    ​We keep track of what you spend and will add your purchases together. When you reach the $50 threshold you will earn a 5¢ per gallon discount.

    Do my fuelperks! Rewards expire?

    Your fuelperks! will expire on a rolling schedule - at the end of the month immediately following the month that you earn them. For example, all fuelperks! earned in June will expire July 31. Your receipts will show fuelperks! totals and expiration dates. Winn-Dixie is not responsible for expired fuelperks!.

    I need a duplicate CRC so that my wife/husband can also redeem the fuelperks!

    Winn-Dixie does not duplicate CRCs, nor do we link them together at this time. Each CRC is it's own individual fuelperks! account.

    I shopped and didn't have my CRC and my phone # didn't work. How can I get my fueperks!?

    Call the Customer Support Center with your receipt in hand, and we will gladly add that for you.

    Who can I call if I do not earn the correct amount of fuelperks!?

    Call 1-866-WINNDIXIE (1-866-946-6349) to report any problems and/or request purchase and reward adjustments.

    What items are excluded from earning fuelperks! at Winn-Dixie?

    Purchases of fuel, propane, state and federally funded pharmacy prescriptions, third party insurance, third party payments for pharmacy prescriptions, tobacco, postage stamps, lottery tickets, Winn-Dixie brand gift cards, check cashing fees, returned checks, prepaid reloadable cards, American Express and Visa Gift Cards, money orders and fees, utility payments, home phone service, Western Union, event tickets, copy or fax machine service, vending machines, charitable donations, delivery charges, fund-raising activities, sales tax and other taxes paid by the customer and items prohibited by law are excluded. fuelperks! are calculated after all restricted items, all store discounts, and all coupons (including manufacturer coupons) have been subtracted from the order. fuelperks! can only be earned in participating Winn-Dixie locations. fuelperks! may not be accumulated in some liquor locations - see store for details. fuelperks! can only be redeemed at participating fuel stations.
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