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Party Trays

Party Planning Tips:

  • Keep in mind the size of your fridge and table when planning out how much can be purchased and stored for your event.
  • When serving food buffet style, create a table that allows serving from both sides.
  • Save yourself time and stress by letting Winn-Dixie do all the food preparation for you.
Slider Roll Sandwiches

​Get the party rolling. King’s Hawaiian rolls are filled with ham off the bone & American, oven roasted turkey & Swiss, and roast beef & Cheddar. Served with your choice of potato salad or coleslaw.


​Appealing display features roast beef & Cheddar, turkey & Swiss, and salami and pepperoni with provolone on lavash flatbread. Served with honey mustard and lettuce.

Executive Entertainer

​Pull out all the stops with this lavish display of rolled roast beef, Black Forest ham, oven roasted turkey, salami, and provolone cheese; tuxedo cut Swiss cheese; and a sweet and savory garnish.

All the Fixins’

​Leave the chopping to us. Shredded lettuce, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, black olives and sliced pickles are the perfect complement to a meat or sandwich platter.

Wrap It Up Platter

​Tomato and regular tortilla wraps filled with oven roasted turkey & Swiss, roast beef & Cheddar, tomatoes, honey mustard and leaf lettuce, rolled up for a perfect light sandwich.

Taste of Italy

​Zesty antipasto tray features rolled ham, folded salami and pepperoni, thinly sliced cappicola, provolone cheese slices, Greek olives and a fresh mozzarella ball.

Finger Sandwiches

​Filling, no-fuss party fare for meat-lovers features ham, roast beef, and turkey mini sandwiches on white and wheat bread with a mustard-mayo spread.

Triple Play

​Tender rolled Virginia baked ham, oven roasted turkey, and roast beef slices pair up with rolled provolone and tuxedo cut American and Swiss cheese. Accented by a sweet and savory garnish.

Variety Subs

​We’ll design your platter with your choice of turkey & Swiss, ham & Swiss and roast beef & provolone cut into party-size servings. White or wheat sub rolls and potato chip garnish.

Wingin’ it

​Mix and match your favorite wings – Buffalo, teriyaki, barbecue and ranch – to create the perfect party assortment. With celery and ranch or bleu cheese dressing for dipping.

Nibbler Supreme

​Treat hungry party guests to a meat-and-cheese array of Cheddar, Muenster and Colby Jack cubes and turkey, ham, and roast beef slices.

Cheese Nibbler

​Our colorful party-starter features bite-size cubes of Cheddar, Muenster, Colby Jack, Swiss, and Pepper Jack cheese. Add drinks and you’ve got a celebration!

Pita/Sandwich Combo

Pitas versus sandwiches. With our pita and sandwich combo platter, you don't have to decide. Give your guests the choice of ham, turkey, roast beef, lettuce and tomato on pita or King's Hawaiian Rolls with mayo and mustard mix.​

Pita Pockets

Offer up the lighter side of sandwiches with turkey, roast beef and ham served on white or wheat pitas with lettuce, tomato, mustard and mayo.​


A super-sized crowd calls for a super-sized platter. Let your guests-up to 32 of them-choose from roast beef, corned beef, ham, turkey and Swiss. ​

Chicken Tenders

The ultimate crowd please for kids and grown-ups alike, our chicken tenders are hand dipped, double breaded and extra delicious.​

American Rhapsody

Who says cheese has to be exotic to be elegant? Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, Pepper Jack, plus crunchy grapes make for a satisfying and sophisticated party tray.​

Gourmet Wedge

An around-the-world trip on a platter. Let your guests sample Brie, Swiss, Cheddar and Bleu with fresh, sweet grapes as the perfect counterpoint.​

Fruit Tray and Apple Cheese Tray

A colorful array of pineapple, melons, grapes and strawberries are sure to please any crowd and brighten up any table. If you're not serving a separate cheese tray, try our apple and cheese tray for the perfect sweet and savory combo.​

Veggie Tray

Your guests need something light and crisp to balance out more decadent party food. Our veggie tray has healthy favorites including broccoli, celery, carrots and cherry tomatoes, plus a tasty dip.​

Bean Dip Tray

Who can resist a delicious dip? Our bean trip tray comes with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce––and goes great with a side of nacho chips.​