How to save even more at the pump:


Look for the blue tags. Those are Bonus fuelperks! Each one saves you 3¢ to 15¢ or more per gallon. You’ll find them in every aisle on a lot of things you buy every week. Look for bonus fuelperks! and build up bigger gas savings quicker.


Wait until the end of the month to use your fuelperks! to get more out of them. Every shopping trip the fuelperks! you earn are added to your grand total. Let them build up and you’ll save a lot more per gallon at the pump.


Register your phone number at your card at home? No problem! If you’ve registered you can use your phone number at checkout and still earn fuelperks!


There’s no limit to the amount of fuelperks! you can earn. Fill your tank with Bonus fuelperks! stack up the savings and see if you can get your next gas purchase down to under a dollar.


Earn fuelperks! with gift cards. You’ll earn 10¢ for every $50 in gift cards purchased.


Use your card no matter what size the purchase- Every dollar counts. The money you spend, no matter the amount, counts towards earning your next fuelperks!


Use your fuelperks! when you’re close to empty. Fuelperks! are good for up to 20 gallons of gas per fill up. The more gas you buy with fuelperks! in one purchase, the more money you’ll save.


Earn more Bonus fuelperks! Link your Reward Card to the Fuel Network Awards at and earn even more fuel savings at local businesses and the online mall.


Check the bottom of your receipt to see how much you’ve earned this trip and your current balance.


Visit see your current balance, plan your next pit stop, and get the most out of your fuelperks!


Visit visit our ad rack in-store to find the closest participating fuel station to plan your next fill up.


Can’t wait to fill up? The fuelperks! you earn today are redeemable immediately at your local gas station.


Keep your Reward Card handy. It’s the key to unlocking your lower gas prices. Just slide it into the pump at your participating gas station and watch your price per gallon drop right before your eyes.


Give fuelperks! like gas money. Help fill-up friends’ cars by sliding your card in the pump for them. It’s like giving them gas money without hurting your wallet.