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What are eBoxTops™ at Winn-Dixie?

eBoxTops, like Box Tops for Education, are worth 10¢ each for your school. However, instead of clipping them from the package and sending them in, eBoxTops are digital. They are awarded electronically to your school at and will be included in your school's next Box Tops check. eBoxTops can be earned through Winn-Dixie by simply adding special eBoxTops offers to your Winn-Dixie Reward Card on the digital coupon page and redeeming them in-store.

How does it work?

First, make sure you are registered on Second, enroll in the Box Tops for Education program at to participate. Once you've enrolled, simply start clicking eBoxTops offers on the digital coupons page. Redeem these offers by purchasing participating products in-store using your Reward Card. The eBoxTops will be automatically awarded to the school you selected in registration. You can see your earnings on 24-48 hours after your purchase.

What should I do if a purchase is not reflected in my earnings?

If you are already registered at and enrolled in the program, contact Customer Service.

Where can I find a list of participating products?

To view current eBoxTops offers, visit the eBoxTops section on the Winn-Dixie digital coupon page.

For a list of participating products with physical Box Tops, go to

Do I need to sign up for to earn eBoxTops?

Yes, you do need to sign up for both and the Box Tops for Education program to earn eBoxTops through Winn-Dixie digital coupons.

Find additional Box Tops for Education FAQs at:

Terms and Conditions
General Mills will offer eBoxTops on purchases of participating products at Winn-Dixie stores to Winn-Dixie consumers who are members of Winn-Dixie Reward Card program. To be eligible to earn eBoxTops, consumers must register for the Box Tops for Education program at or on the Box Tops for Education website at The eBoxTops offers will appear on the Winn-Dixie digital coupons page at where consumers may add eBoxTops offers to their Winn-Dixie Reward Card. The consumer must purchase the participating products in a Winn-Dixie store by the expiration date of the offer. After purchase, the eBoxTops will be applied to the registered consumer’s account and credited to that consumer’s designated, eligible school. All eBoxTops are subject to the Official Rules available at

Only BTFE registered schools can redeem Box Tops. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to redeeming school. Limit $20,000 per school, per school year for Box Tops redeemed through the Clip Program.
See for program details.
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