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It's the most exciting time in your life and the most challenging. A new baby changes everything, starting with your shopping list. Naturally you want to do everything right for your new baby, from the best diapers and skin care products to the highest quality food and formula. But with so many options out there, the questions can start to add up and so can the costs - our Baby Club is here to help.

Winn-Dixie Baby Club
  • Turn diapers into gas

    Baby Club Members earn 10¢ per gallon of gas for every $25 spent on baby products.

  • Savings galore

    As a Baby Club member, you'll receive valuable discounts, coupons, and gifts for you and your baby to enjoy throughout the year. Save more with our quality private label baby products.
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Baby Club & Pharmacy Perks

  • Prescriptions

    Baby Club members are eligible to receive a free $10 gift card when their baby's first prescription is filled. Use your Winn-Dixie Reward Card to join the Prescription Drug Plan and enjoy the below additional savings!

  • Free Antibiotics

    Baby Club members enrolled in the Prescription Drug Plan are eligible for free select antibiotics and generic prescription children's vitamins.

  • $4 Generics

    We offer an expansive selection of discounted medications under our Prescription Drug Plan.

To enroll you must have a baby between expected and up to 3 years of age and you must provide us with a valid expected date or actual birthdate. Children aged 4 years and up are not eligible.