Put Us on Your Wellness Team

Diabetes is a chronic but manageable disease. Winn-Dixie Pharmacists are trained to help you stay on top of it. The more you know about managing diabetes, the easier it will be to maintain wellness. 

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Wellness Screenings

Every three months, all Winn-Dixie, BI-LO and Harveys pharmacies provide total cholesterol and glucose screenings that are free to customers with a reward card. Other tests are available for a fee.

To sign up or change an existing appointment, click here. Winn-Dixie Pharmacists encourage you to discuss all Wellness Screening results with your physician.


Cost Without Reward Card

Cost With Reward Card

Savings Amount

Total Cholesterol$10$0$10
Body composition/BMI analysis$3$1 $2
Hemoglobin A1C (customer must be diabetic)$45$35$10
H. Pylori$35$30$5
Glucose Test$3$0$3
Lipid Profile$40$30$10
Hemoglobin (Oxygen/Iron/Anemia)$20$15$5
pH Balance$10$8$2
General Wellness Panel$45$35$10
Thyroid Wellness Panel$115$95$20
Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)$35$30$5
Cholesterol Wellness Panel$65$45$20
Executive Wellness Panel with Biometrics$160$105$55