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$4 Over-the-Counter Drugs

Pain Relief

Top Care Artdritis Caplet 650mg50ct
Top Care All Day Pain Relief Tablet50ct
Top Care Extra Strengtd Pain Relief Caplet50ct
Top Care Pain Relief PM Caplet50ct
Top Care Pain Relief EZ Tablet50ct
Top Care Aspirin 325mg100ct
Top Care Ibuprofen Suspension Berry 4oz


Top Care Cold Multi Symptom Daytime Caps 24ct
Top Care NiteTime Cough Cold Liquid Original Flavor 8oz
Top Care Tussin DM4 oz
Top Care Alcohol Free Children’s Cold and Cough Elixir Red Grape4oz
Top Care NiteTime Cough Cold Liquid Cherry Flavor 8oz
Top Care Nasal Spray 12 Hour Relief 1oz
Top Care Children’s Allergy Liquid Cherry 4oz
Top Care Medicated Chest Rub4oz
Top Care Allergy Tablets48ct
Top Care Childs Multi Symptom Flu Relief Bubblegum 4oz
Top Care Loratadine Allergy6ct
Top Care Allergy Relief Ceterizine 5ct
Top Care Tussin DM Sugar Free4oz


Top Care Anti-Diarrheal Tablets24oz
Top Care Stomach Relief Max Strengtd 12oz
Top Care Stool Softener Laxative Tabs 50ct
Top Care Laxative Tablets25ct
Top Care Liquid Antacid12oz
Top Care Laxative Pill Max Strengtd 24ct
Top Care Antacid and Pain Relief 36 ct
Top Care Liquid Antacid12oz

First Aid and Itch Relief

Top Care Medicated Patch5ct
Top Care Hydrocortisone 1% Cream1oz
Top Care Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1oz
Top Care Triple Antibiotic Cream + Pain Relief 1oz
Top Care Hand Sanitizer32oz
Top Care Antifungal Powder Spray 
Top Care Hemorrhiodal Suppositories 12ct
Top Care Gentle Skin Cleanser16oz
Top Care Antibacterial Soap Amber 40oz
Top Care Clear Antibacterial Soap 40oz

Eye Care

Top Care Multi Purpose Eye Solution 12oz
Top Care Lens Cleaning Wipes30ct

Oral Care

Top Care Amber Antiseptic Mouthwash 1.5L
Top Care Blue Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash 1.5L
Top Care Spring Mint Blue Mouthwash1.5L