Reasons Why You Should Stay Home for Valentine's Day This Year

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Home for Valentine's Day This Year

Valentine's Day is that wonderful day that comes every February. A day of the year where you hopefully get to spend some quality time with your significant other. For many, though, it can be the same tedious routine—go out to a restaurant and wait longer than you should to be seated. And many times, you are seated next to people who look like they would have been happier staying home in sweatpants and watching their favorite reality TV show.

So, why not do something different this year–something that's likely more relaxing than going out and comes with many perks for you and your partner? Why not cook a meal at home, together, for Valentine's Day? Yeah, stay in!

Check out below for seven reasons why you should stay home for Valentine's Day this year.

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1. You Avoid the Crowd

Valentine's Day should be about you and that special person in your life, only. It shouldn't involve having to talk over a barrage of chatter. It should be as stress-free as possible, and quiet, yeah, quiet. However, when you go out to dinner on Valentine's Day night, almost every restaurant is packed with people, and loud. This isn't exactly stress-free or romantic. The waiting, the noise, eek!

2. You Have More Time Alone

By staying in, you and your "sweetie" (or "babe") can cook a meal together. This means more time, having fun and talking about something other than how long the wait is going to be. That can certainly kill the vibe.

3. You Save Your Cash

This one is a no-brainer. When you eat at home, most of the time you can save money. By going out to those fancy restaurants, you can expect to pay a bit more for your long-awaited dinner. So why not save some cash and do Valentine's Day at home, in peace?

4. You Eat Healthier

It pretty much goes without saying, that if you stay in and cook a nice meal on Valentine's Day, not only will you save some cash, but you will most likely eat healthier as well. This could mean less sodium, fat and processed food for you and your Valentine's Day date.

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5. You Won't Have those Interruptions

So there you are, reminiscing about your first date with the love of your life, and right when you get to the good part about how on the first date you said..., the waiter interrupts with, "Can I start you guys off with an appetizer?"

6. You Can Do Dinner and a Movie in One Place

If you do Valentine's Day from home, now you can do the dinner and a movie thing without having to go from one loud and crowded place to another. Also, you'll probably save a good bit on that popcorn.

7. You Can Have a Nerf Gun Fight

Okay, sure, this isn't really a Valentine's Day thing, at all. But, it would be pretty cool to run around the house shooting nerf guns at each other on Valentine's Day. Right?

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