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Tasting is Believing!

New Products at Winn-Dixie

greek_yogurt_small2.jpg All Natural Greek Non-Fat Yogurt

NEW Winn-Dixie Greek Yogurt Beat the Leading National Brand*

Nonfat Strawberry • Nonfat Blueberry • Nonfat Peach • Nonfat Plain

Seldom has something this good for you tasted so delicious! Exceptionally creamy, our new all natural Winn-Dixie Greek Yogurt is made in the traditional way: strained, not thickened with additives like some "Greek-style" alternatives. You get full, rich flavor with zero fat and 2 to 3 times (14 to 18 grams total) the protein of regular yogurt. Like all of Winn-Dixie’s Own Brands, it’s yours at significant savings, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Find lots of ways to enjoy our all natural Winn-Dixie Greek Yogurt:

  • as a high-protein, zero-fat meal replacement
  • as a packable, no-guilt snack
  • as a delicious dipping sauce for fruits and vegetables
  • as a healthy alternative to cream or sour cream in Alfredo sauce, chocolate frosting, salad dressings and more

* In a blind taste test, participants preferred the creamy consistency of Winn-Dixie Greek Yogurt to the leading national brand.