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California Grapes

Sweet Sunshine Straight from the Vine.

Sometimes called “nature’s candy” because of their sweetness, grapes are also quite healthy. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium, California grapes come in 70 unique varieties and three vibrant colors (green, red and blue-black). Try roasting them and pairing with a cheese platter for a delicious crowd-pleasing party snack.

Stark Crimson Pear

Color and Flavor Make the Perfect Pear.

Tastes great in a fruit salad. Looks great in a fruit bowl. The dark crimson to bright crimson hue of these pears, combined with their delicate flavor and plentiful nutrients, make them a truly one-of-a-kind snack. Slice them up and put them in your salad to add a lively splash of color and sweet flavor.

California Cantaloupes

See All You Can Do with a Cantaloupe.

This magnificent melon makes a tasty addition to either a balanced breakfast or a light lunch. And at only 60 calories per six-ounce serving, with 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamins A and C, they really make a nutritious option for any time. Slice and wrap in prosciutto for an easy appetizer.

Sweet Potatoes

The Root of Flavor.

Baked, fried or put in a pie—there’s nothing quite like a sweet potato. Loaded with vitamins A, C, E and Beta Carotene, these sweeties offer special health benefits that can help prevent heart disease, bolster the immune system and slow the aging process. To make a side dish that’s the star of the show, slice and grill to make delicious sweet potato kebabs.