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Grilling Poultry

Poultry Cuts

Poultry for Grilling:

  • Whole Chicken (Fryer)
  • Cut-Up Fryer
  • Boneless Breasts
  • Wings
  • Legs
  • Bone-In Split Breasts
  • Boneless Thighs
  • Leg Quarters
  • Bone-In Thighs


  • Platters (prep and serving)
  • Basting brush
  • Meat thermometer
  • Tongs
  • Metal or wood skewers


  1. On a clean grill using a soft cloth, coat grill grate lightly with vegetable oil or grilling spray just prior to placing the poultry on it.
  2. A faint smoke indicates the grill is ready. To prevent flare-ups, make sure oil doesn't drip off the grate onto the flame. Sprinkle both sides of poultry with seasonings.
  3. Cut boneless poultry into 1-1/4 inch pieces. Marinate, if desired, reserving some of the marinade to use as a basting sauce.
  4. Prepare grill for direct cooking.
  5. Alternately thread poultry pieces and choice of vegetables onto skewers. Use reserved marinade to baste kabobs, if desired. If using wood skewers, soak in water 10 minutes for threading poultry and vegetables.
  6. Place poultry on grill at the recommended distance from the heat.
  7. Grill poultry over medium heat coals for desired doneness, turning halfway through grilling time. Use tongs to turn poultry.